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Arms of Chief of Clan Arthur

WARNING! These arms and the animated clan arthur flag are the property of the chief, and require his permission for use.

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James E.M. MacArthur, FSA Scot

Born: 1914 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

1991: Appointed Commander of Clan Arthur by Lord Lyon, Sir Malcolm Innes of Edingight

2002 August: Petition for chief of Clan Arthur granted by Lord Lyon, Robin Blair

2003 April: Inaugurated as Chief of Clan Arthur

Died: April 2004

Clan or Society

What's the Difference? 


A Clan Society is not a Clan. If you have the blood of Arthur in your veins, you're a member of the clan. The Clan MacArthur Society was organized prior to the reestablishment in 1991 of Clan Arthur in Scotland.  In August, 2002, Lord Lyon, King of Arms granted then Commander James E. M. MacArthur of that Ilk, FSA Scot, from Edinburgh, Scotland the petition for arms of chief of clan arthur. Jim organised a worldwide society and nobly stood as chief until his death. His son, John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk, FSA Scot resumed the title of chief in June, 2004.

Left to right. Starting in the rear:

James, John Alexander.

Front: James Gavin, Calum John


Clan Officers



John Alexander MacArthur of that Ilk, FSA Scot


Robert David McArthur, FSA Scot (DECEASED)

Replacement To Be Announced

Lieutenant to

the Chief

Vacant- To Be Announced

A.J.H. Richardson,  FSA Scot


Robert C. McArtor


Renwick MacArthur


John Alexander MacArthur, Yr of Milton, FSA Scot


Mrs. Mary Wood


Calum MacArthur, Gavin MacArthur, Ian Wood


Currently, societies are established in Great Britain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.


High Commissioners of Clan Arthur


Great Britain

Francis Pollock McArthur  91 Netherblane, Blanefield,

Glasgow G63 9JP
United States

Vacant- To Be Announced


Lloyd McArthur    252 Kananaskis Green    Devon, AB T9G 1YB
New Zealand

Dr. Eric J.B. McArthur   PO Box 126   Carterton 5951
Southern Africa

Donald Robert McArthur BSc (Hons) FSA Scot  PO Box 651665, Benmore, Republic of South Africa

Robert S. MacArthur  344 Kiora Street   Panania, NSW 221



Regardless of where you are on the planet, you can join your native MacArthur Society from our website.  Just click on the join link below, then click on the Society you wish to join and fill out an application.  Welcome and thank you for your support!Click here to join Society


Click here to download an E-Brochure  You can save to your computer and forward to inquirers, or you can print on both sides and make an attractive 3-fold brochure. 


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